NFC/QR VOYPP® Powered Products

Put your creativity at work and talk to the customers directly through your product, wherever they meet it.

About VOYPP®

VOYPP® is the first NFC/QR automated DTC/CTP (Direct-To-Consumer / Communicate Through Product) platform to deliver relevant information at shelf or anywhere else the customer may be in direct contact with the product.
Scan the NFC tag/QR code and get instant access to the product's panel displaying up to 10 short relevant videos or graphics. Find active promotions or other essential information.

How It Works

You are a consumer and found a product/service with a Voypp NFC tag or QR code? Enable your mobile NFC function and touch with the mobile the tag on the product or scan the QR code. Open the panel and choose the video you want to watch. Short videos around 1 minute will explain you the essential about chosen topic. Find promotions available on your area. You and the product. Experienced content creators will drive you to better evaluate the product/service.


Starting from as low as 0,15 euro, up to 5.04 euro per NFC tag, varying upon the quantity. Additionally, you can order special shapes or graphics, tags for special purposes, as for metallic support or combined tags NFC + RFID. Meantime, you are free to produce the NFC tags or QR code labels by yourself, in such case you can use the platform paying only the active slots, 5 euro/slot/month. We can manage your account for 25 euro/month, regardless the number of the SKU's. VAT not included.

Join The Platform

You are a producer and want to join our platform? Sign in and publish your SKU there. Decide the necessary quantity of NFC tags/QR code labels, create and upload the content. This is all you need to do. We manage the rest. Your tags can be accessed anywhere in World (including China). Scan the below QR code with your mobile and see how looks and how function a product page.

voypp - video on your product platform

video on your product platform

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